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reDiscover Music, reDiscover Life

What makes the world without music? That’s the first question that comes up to me at this moment. Musician won’t be musician that’s for sure :). They will be politician maybe… oh that sucks. Its been a while since i enjoyed hearing music after i have this hearing problem. I was diagnosed with sudden deafness symptom’s which i lose about 50% of my hearing ability that forced me to use a couple of hearing aids on my ears. So after that, i lost my interest in music bit by bit.

Well it’s not that i can’t hear music completely. I still can hear them but not as clearly as normal people. Moreover a music that i never heard before. I really have to pay more attention in order to enjoyed it cause you know, you must hear at least 80% of the music instrument. Well it’s kinda suck up my energy, cause i have to put most of my concentration on my ear at that time.

No singing out loud in my car no more, never interested in seeing music videos no more, never listen to the radio for over 3 years. My life was like a plain white paper with no writings or drawing on it. Just flat out. Well….kinda. But seriously i feel like i lost about 50% of my life. I lost lots amount of spirit booster.

But as the time went by, 3 years i had all kinds of therapy and meditation to make my hearing a least better. I feel like i gain a lil’ bit of it (hearing) right now. I really hope so. And not long ago I’m starting to write a blog, just trying to share my thoughts  through the days. And the needs of music strikes me once again just to get my inspiration back in writing.

I’m a big fan of Incubus so i listen to their album. I plug in my headphone, put it on and play the album. BANG! it’s like all the lost inspiration, all the hype, the hope, motivation just burst in to me all at once! Yes! This is the soundtrack of my life, and this is my story. And so i decided that i can’t live without music in my life.

And yes, music can make you feel happy, sad, angry or mad as well. But in the end, music takes you somewhere. Somewhere beyond your imagination whether you like it or not.

So whatever you are feeling, whatever situation you are in and wherever you are, hear music.

No more silence…

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