Monthly Archives: September 2012

Surviving Hard Times

It’s been a while ha since i wrote here…well it’s always been..

At this moment of my life…this was the hardest part I’ve been through. Didn’t realize it before that having a family, a wife that is, it’s a whole new experience i never expected before. As husband and the head of the family, you have to make sure that your family (to me my wife) lives happily and didn’t miss a thing.

But in reality, it’s not that easy to manage. More so if you don’t have a descent job in your hand. You always struggle whenever you are. Back in my recent post..I was happy having a new job in my career life. I considered it as a new challenge that I’m ready to fight for….. Well the fact is not always work out the way you wanted. Caution, that is when you are being tested actually. That’s is the real challenge. The challenge of life. Your emotion, your way of thinking, your decision and the will to make it are being tested.

Just 3 months to make me from happy and have high hopes, to a dead end road with no idea where I wanted to go. This is the point where I have to re stack my path all over again with the same goal. To achieve life!

Consider it a reality show with you in it. Only the different is, you know how the ending will be. And it’ll be a happy ending. You know the beginning, you also know the ending. You just have to work your way to attached it so it connects. And the audience? God is.. and God wants you to succeed!

So when there’s God, there’s hope…

When there’s hope, there’s life…

So I will never lose God from this journey of my life..