Hey it’s been awhile since i blog. I was busy with my new job and it cost me a lot of my daily time. But I’m still enjoying it though. A little bit story when I got this one, just before i got an interview, my brother in law ask me to work with him in his new project. And offered me a better salary and the work it’s not so difficult. Moreover it’s sooo easy. I just have to stay home and just updating some of the social network. Or i can bring my work everywhere i wanted to. Oh wow i can’t even think an easier one.

But somehow after i do a lot of thinking, i prefer to take the first one. Although i have to work my ass off in this one, in fact that’s the reason why. Well… no pain no gain right? Just thought the one that my bro in law offered me, it’s like it’s too good to be true. Maybe it is, but i had my decision. I’m just grateful to have those opportunity just at the time i needed one.  Thanks a lot for offering me the job, appreciated it. But so sorry bro… Maybe if you let me know before i got this one, i would gladly accept the offer.

And at this time, all I wanna say is that I’m so grateful to have all the guys, all the family that willing to help me in my hard times. In this couple of days i had problems simultaneously. And at that time too i got helped. Always got the answer for all my problems from my family and friends. I appreciated them, admire them and have respect for them. That’s why they do the same for me.

I remember Dale Carnegie said on his book I once read “Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely

This one I dedicated to all of you guys… who helped me answering my problems, soulfully and financially 😀 .


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