A Good Breakfast


I woke up this morning with a feeling of…numb if may say. Well maybe caused by my sprained ankle injury that makes hv to rest for almost 5 weeks at home.
N later my wife asked me what do i want for my breakfast. Just so u know for about 25 years i had sandwich for breakfast. So guess its obvious that im had enough of it. At least for today.
So back to when my wife asked me, i answered nothing coz i really dont know what to have. Its like i’d rather eat grass than sandwich. I know its not a good thing what i think. But its a fact.
N so i just watch NBA playoffs Heat vs Celtics on tv. 1st quarter… then the 2nd went by, n suddenly my wife came up to me with a cheese omelet, a chicken sausage with rice. It was really a good something for me :). On my first bite, it turns my boring morning into a bright shiny one. N im sooo ready for today!
Some say your day determine by how your morning went through. In this case a good nice healthy breakfast would do nicely. So have a good one guys but most of all be always greatful for what you have especialy in the morning. HAVE A GREAT ONE!
Thanks to my lovely wife for making me feel wonderful..

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